Scranton Gifted and Talented Program

Exit Procedure

To exit the gifted and talented program a request may be made by the student, parents, and/or the GT teacher or an administrator. The exiting procedure should be in several steps:

a. An exit request is made

b. A conference with the Identification Committee, the student and parent(s) will be held to attempt to remedy the situation unless the exit is requested by the parent.

c. If the attempt to remedy the situation is unsuccessful, another conference with the Identification Committee, the student, and parent(s) will be held to discuss the situation and possible solutions or an exit decision is made.

d. The parents may challenge the exiting decision, if necessary, by an appeal to the superintendent.

e. The exit forms must be signed by the student, the parent, the GT Coordinator/Teacher and an administrator.

f. To reenter the program the student must go through the identification and placement process again.

Possible Reasons for Exiting:

1. If a teacher of the GT class feels the student’s needs are not being met by the program, he/she may recommend that the student be returned to the regular classroom program full time. The teacher of the gifted will present data consisting of anecdotal records, student’s work, copies of not or letter to parents, etc. supporting his/her request for removal from the GT program. The anecdotal records may include attitudes and motivation behaviors exhibited by the student.

2. The student and parents feel that the student’s needs are being met in the regular classroom and the extra time spent in the GT program is creating a hardship on the student.

Due Process of Appeals Procedure:

If a parent or guardian disagrees with a decision made in regards to their child and the G.A.T.E. Program, they have the right to initiate an appeals procedure. The normal chain of appeals should be followed:

1. Teacher is contacted and a conference with the Identification Committee and parent is held to discuss a solution.

2. The building principal is approached concerning the problem.

3. The superintendent is then contacted and informed.

4. The situation is taken to the school board for a final appeal. (It is necessary to contact the superintendent and to get the problem on the scheduled agenda, in order to be lawfully be given the opportunity to discuss and try to resolve the situation).

Probationary explanations:

GT students are like everyone else. They are really good at some things and maybe not so good at others. Some GT students are not very good at organizational skills and have trouble keeping up with their regular class and homework. Therefore, their grades may suffer. In the grades where the pullout program is the option, it is not logical to pull a student from classes in which he/she is making poor grades in. If the grades get too low, the Identification Committee and the GT teacher have concluded that he/she should be put on probation and stay in the regular class until the grades improve unless another remedy can be found. If this continues to be a problem, over and over again, then the exiting process needs to be considered and/or begin. We always want what is in the best interest of the student(s).

Withdrawal and Exit Request Forms HERE